The Cloakroom

Brisbane, Montreal & Tokyo


About The Brand

Founded in Brisbane in 2007, The Cloakroom has since evolved into an international brand, with destinations in Montreal and Tokyo, and a fourth set to launch soon in Melbourne.

The brand’s ethos is firmly entrenched in redefining masculine elegance, which they do by way of their suite of tailored garments. While the brand is renowned for their Japanese-made suiting, The Cloakroom also craft shirts, jeans, coats and leatherwear on a MTM basis - allowing gentleman  to paint their own unique visage of masculine elegance and truly define who they are.

Social Media

Since commencing our management of The Cloakroom's social media in February, 2017, we have grown their Instagram following from approximately 3,500 followers to over 20,700 as of May, 2018 - a staggering 491% growth.

Because The Cloakroom is largely predicated on an in-store experience, and due to their multiple international locations, we identified Instagram as the primary channel In our social media strategy for its ability to reach and engage an international audience. Narrowing the aesthetic scope and increasing content output were central to our strategy.


To coincide with the updated branding and new visual aesthetic, we developed a new tone of voice. Messaging was designed to be short but powerful, so as to consolidate the underlying values of The Cloakroom and to distinguish the brand amongst an increasingly competitive market.

Arcane manages written content across the entirety of The Cloakroom's outgoing communications from social media, website content, EDM's, press releases and tactile media.

Visual Content

We identified the need for a distinct visual aesthetic to communicate the essence of The Cloakroom brand and to ensure it stood out amidst an increasingly competitive market. Hence the dark and mysterious imagery, which has - through a combination of volume and success of the account - become emblematic of The Cloakroom in the realm of Sartorial Menswear.

We direct and manage all content from the production stage (where we collaborate with photographers and videographers), right through to executing social media posts and corresponding with third parties for print and digital media, across all three international Cloakroom locations.


We oversaw the re-brand of The Cloakroom and continue to work with designers and other agencies (specialising in PR and SEO) in relation to The Cloakroom.

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