The Sartorial Journal



About The Brand

Exploring the realm of luxury menswear, The Sartorial Journal has forged a large and highly engaged international audience, and has been referred to as “The Vogue of menswear” by a prominent industry figure.

Social Media

The Sartorial Journal launched on Instagram in January, 2016. As of May, 2018, it has organically amassed over 117,000 followers - establishing itself as the international voice of authority in the realm of sartorial menswear. The immense popularity and growth of The Sartorial Journal has meant that it has surpassed many other similar accounts, although they were already entrenched at the time The Sartorial Journal was established.

The Sartorial Journal differentiates itself in a saturated landscape by re-imagining Instagram as a magazine - coupling beautiful visuals with small articles written in continuous prose.


As beautiful as the visuals are, The Sartorial Journal is defined by its written content. The exploration of brands, styles and artisans is intertwined with broader socio-cultural discussions, designed to provoke thought and promote the future of sartorialism.

Visual Content

The Sartorial Journal begun as a curation of images that were gathered from other sources - meaning content could be put out at scale at a low budget. However, as it has evolved, a certain amount of unique content has been produced - often in collaboration with featured brands.

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